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5 Fun Indoor Camping Activities For Kids

girl in tent indoor camping

What is better than enjoying the great outdoors? Spending time sleeping under the stars and exploring nature will likely be some of your kids’ best memories. However, factors like distance and weather may prevent you from having as many family camping trips as you would like.

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your house to give your kids an amazing night of camping. These five indoor camping activities for kids are the perfect way to give your kids a taste of camping without jumping in the car or battling cold nights.

1. Camp in your living room

A tent is just as much fun in the shelter of your own home. Set up a real tent or build a blanket fort in the living room and let your youngsters escape from reality. Put some light-up star stickers on the tent, turn the lights out, and pretend that it is nothing but you and the open wilderness. Not too chilly outside? Your backyard is also a great home camping option!

2. Prepare some s’mores

Nothing defines camping more than s’mores, and you don’t need a campfire to bake some tasty treats. All you need is a Sterno fire or gas stove and some marshmallows to make perfectly gooey s’mores. As a bonus, you could use this time to teach your children about fire safety and prepare them for the real campfire experience.

3. Sing campfire songs

Emulate a true camping experience with campfire songs. Introduce your kids to some of your favorite songs around a fabricated campfire. Silly songs are sure to bring out the smiles and make your indoor camping trip a night to remember. Don’t know any campfire songs? has an extensive list of fun songs for the whole family.

4. Grill some grub

indoor camping kids grill

Cooking traditional camping food is the cornerstone of camping fun. If weather permits, set up a grill outside and prepare some hamburgers and baked potatoes over the flames, or move to your stove on cold days. Your little one can get in on the excitement by helping you cook dinner on their own grill.

5. Share spooky stories

Turn the lights out, get under the tent, use a flashlight to give your face an evil glow, and share some good old fashioned ghost stories. Just make sure that they are child-friendly, so your kids aren’t afraid to sleep later. Temper fright with excitement, and consider adding a funny twist to minimize the scare factor.

mom and daughter reading in tent

If the great outdoors aren’t as accessible as you would like them to be, a camping night indoors is the way to go. Add in some fun indoor camping activities for your kids to give them a taste of camping without the hassle. Check out Step2’s range of products to make your indoor camping a night to remember.

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