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Introducing Beary Happi from Infantino

The creative minds at our sister company Infantino and award-winning publisher of educational apps Tipitap created a new (and free!) iPhone app and loveable iPhone case ($19.99) called Beary Happi, a first-of-its-kind, interactive, lovable 21st century teddy bear -the first of many HappiTaps™.


Just place your iPhone® or iPod touch® in a HappiTaps™ plush and huggable cover and start the HappiTaps™ app. Watch as Beary becomes your child’s new best friend.

Beary Happiis beautifully rendered in 3D computer animation, which together with the use of audio, video, motion sensors and gyroscopes (all of which make up the iPhone/iPod touch’s cutting-edge technology), create a truly interactive toy. Kids will watch him come to life in a manner never before experienced in a plush toy.

Beary Happi

Children will love nurturing Beary Happi, feeding him, helping him go to sleep, as well as listening to him chat, share fun facts, play ‘Peek-a-boo,’ tell jokes, stories and sing songs. The app features over 150 different expressions to keep kids engaged and learning and since the toy’s life force is an app, new features will be added periodically through updates to create new fun and learning experiences for the child.

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