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Kid-Constructed New Year's Eve Hats

Step2 Blog New Years Eve Hats

Kids love the excitement of a new year just as much as adults do! They can join in the fun this year by making their own party hats with a few materials.

What you will need:

  • Leftover birthday party hats (we used cone and crown hats)
  • Scissors
  • Felt and construction paper
  • Glue (hot glue or rubber cement and school glue)
  • Glitter
  • Tinsel

Step2 Blog New Years Eve Hats

Cone shaped hat:

1. We used our hot glue to make a line along the seam of the party hat. Then we lined up the felt onto the line of glue and wrapped the felt around the hat. You could also use rubber cement for this step.

2. Cut the excess felt from the edges leaving 1/2 inch around the bottom.

3. Put a bead of glue around the bottom edge of the hat and fold the excess felt into the hat to make a smooth edge on the outside.

Step2 Blog New Years Eve Hats

4. Next you can add tinsel to the bottom of the hat by adding glue to the outside bottom edge.

Step2 Blog New Years Eve Hats

5. We chose to cut 2017 out of felt to attach to the outside of the hat, but the kids can cut out their favorite shapes, their names or what ever makes them happy!

Crown hat:

1. Spread school glue over the front of the crown. Cover it with a piece of construction paper.

Step2 Blog New Years Eve Hats

2. Trim the paper around the crown.

3. Use school glue to draw a design, name or numbers onto your crown. Next sprinkle glitter over it and shake the excess glitter off of the hat.

Step2 Blog New Years Eve Hats

Enjoy the party and happy 2017!

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