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We Created a Play Kitchen Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

Grand Luxe Kitchen Play Features

Have you heard? The Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen has features that are unmatched by any other!

We asked moms what was on their wish list when it came to play kitchens, and we heard them loud and clear! At the top of the list was realistic and trendy features – working lights, a trendy back splash, “glass” panel appliance doors, and more!

So what came out of this focus group? A beautiful, top-of-the-line, game-changing play kitchen. Step2 Product Designer Frank Kraska created this initial concept.

Step2 Grand Luxe Concept

The final version is unlike any other play kitchen you’ve seen!

Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen with lights

The Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen has upscale “slate” finish appliances, a farm-style sink with “spring” faucet, and real working lights – yes, the fridge and oven actually light up so little chefs can watch their meals cook and see if they have all the needed ingredients in stock! The lights in the refrigerator and oven activate when the doors open and close.

Grand Luxe Kitchen - play kitchen for toddlers

This luxury play kitchen includes a 78-piece accessory set that will allow kids’ imaginations to run wild. Little chefs can make pretend smoothies and and pop popcorn on the magic burner. The included “cutting board” gives kids an area to slice their tomatoes to prep for a healthy meal atop the granite-look countertop.

Grand Luxe Kitchen blender
Another realistic feature kids will love is the coffee maker. Kids can pretend they are making coffee and hot cocoa just like mom & dad!

Grand Luxe coffee station

Sleek, modern, and trendy – Our Product Development Team delivered everything moms wished for!

What is your favorite kitchen feature?

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