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Motherhood Reflections On High School Graduation & College Years

Whether your child is graduating from preschool, high school or college, this time of year is full of reflection and new beginnings. In this post, Stacey Riecks, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Planning here at Step2, takes a walk down memory lane to when her daughter graduated from high school.

Step2 Blog Graduation 2

I received my “Your Memories on Facebook” the other day. The post was from when my daughter Bailey graduated from high school. My first reaction was – Wow it has been 3 years – that’s incredible! I then began to remember the events leading up to graduation, my hopes for her as she started this new chapter and the impact she would have on the world.

Bailey has always known she’s wanted to become a nurse – her kind heart and commitment to the underdog has always guided her direction in life. Bailey was born with a cataract and as a result had developmental disabilities, yet her disabilities and the meanness she encountered did not deter her.

Bailey surrounded herself with a strong circle of friends, developed solid coping skills and exhibiting a strong work ethic, graduating high school with honors, which was a huge accomplishment, and not one any of us would have predicted when thinking back to how she struggled with her spelling words at the kitchen table so many years earlier. But she EARNED it!

Step2 Blog Graduation 3

As we prepared to send her off to college, again I worried. Would she find another circle of friends to support her? Would she reach the same level of achievement? Would she be happy?

In May, Bailey returned home for her last summer break. While there have been highs and lows during her three years in college (nothing a good cry over the phone with mom couldn’t solve) she is happy. Bailey continues to achieve her academic goals, posting a 3.8 cumulative GPA (darn that one C!), while gaining a little bit of a social life.

Step2 Blog Graduation

I am realizing this might be my last summer with her to myself. As she looks to graduate from college next year, I again worry. Where will she go? What path in nursing will she take? Will she be surrounded by supporting friends?

I guess as a mom, no matter how old she gets, I will never stop worrying!

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