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6 Easy Ideas for Organizing Your Kid’s Room

kids room organization ideas

When you have children, life can be messy. If you find yourself stifling your kids’ pretend play time so that you don’t spend your day following them from room to room cleaning, some organization ideas for your kid’s room can keep everyone happy.

Fortunately, having kids doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have the beautiful and organized home you had before – you simply have to view organization through a different lens. To help both you and your little ones, try these six helpful ideas to organize your kid’s room:

1. Put Things in Open Top Bins

When you put things into open top bins, children can easily sift through things to find something that strikes their fancy. Instead of opening boxes all around the room to find their action figures, all they have to do is peer into the bins to see what attracts them at the moment.

2. Put the Messiest Things Up High

If you are tired of finding play dough and paint ground into your carpeting, put the most destructive toys up highest so that your kids need your assistance to reach them. By doing so, you can set up a protected play area for them to sculpt or paint freely without fearing for your carpets or walls.

3. Stay Away from Deep Containers

organize kids room ideas shallow drawers

Do you know where all the fun toys are? According to your kids, they are at the bottom of every container. Use bins that have shallow depths so that your little ones aren’t digging and ditching to find what they want. They should have a view of everything from the surface to avoid the continual toy churn and chuck. A set of shallow organizational drawers is perfect to minimize mess.

4. Label Things Appropriately

It’s likely that your kids will have toy sets or groups of similar toys. Implementing a labeling system will make keeping your kid’s room organized easy for everyone involved in cleaning. Clear labels on toy boxes or drawers will help you, your kids, and your babysitter to know exactly where everything goes.

5. Rotate Toys

To eliminate your children from becoming overwhelmed by unlimited choices, only put half of their toys in their room or playroom. Once a month, rotate the bins so that they continually have “new” things with which to play. Children get excited to see things they forgot about, and it keeps them engaged much longer than bombarding them with everything at once.

6. Make Organization Fun for Kids

organize kids room ideas art lid

Let’s be honest – most kids aren’t going to get excited about keeping their room and toys organized. However, you can make organization a bit more fun for kids by choosing colorful, interactive organizational bins for your kid’s toys. A toy box with an easel on top or a slick dresser that looks like a car tool bench will likely appeal to your kids more than plain old boxes will.

You have kids, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wade through toys in every room. These tips will help the mess to be minimal, and the fun to be maximum. After all, what is the point of having toys if you continually prevent them from playing with the messy ones? If you’re ready have an organized home again, head over to Step2 for some great playroom organization options.

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