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Regarding Step2 Toys, Factories, and Lead Paint Recalls

Updated 8/17/07

With the recent rash of recalls by large toy companies, we’ve been receiving a number of inquiries regarding our toys, and whether or not they might contain lead-based paints. We’d like to help put your mind at ease when it comes to Step2 toys.

First of all, children and their safety are our primary concern. At Step2, we take great strides to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

The vast majority of Step2 products are manufactured in the USA through a process called rotational molding that does not use paint at all. While we do import some accessories and smaller toys from China, none are manufactured at any of the plants involved in the recent recalls. Also, all of our imported products meet ASTM (American Society of Testing & Materials) requirements and guidelines.

We go to great measures to ensure quality control of sourced items and components including:

  1. Step2 utilizes an independent Hong Kong and China-based sourcing group to perform multiple, detailed inspections during production and after production at the factories in China. Any components that are found not to comply with our stringent quality standards are held up and not allowed to ship.
  2. Step2 regularly submits samples of each of our products to independent 3rd-party accredited testing agencies to conduct detailed testing to ensure compliance to the applicable safety standards.
  3. Step2 requires certifications that the coatings purchased by the factories in China for use on our components are, in fact, lead-free.

We hope these facts help alleviate any concerns you might have had about Step2 products. We value our loyal customers and want you to know we will always maintain a level of quality and service that is worthy of your confidence.

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