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Simple July 4th Crafts

You'll love these simple July 4th crafts!

Kids love July 4th– whether it’s parades, playtime with family and friends, or the excitement of watching fireworks. To prepare your little one for the upcoming holiday, we have a few festive DIY craft ideas that your kids can create with a little assistance from adults.

Patriotic Flip Flops DIY Craft
Festive Kids Flip Flops

What you will need:

Ribbon (double sided ribbon works really well)
Fabric scissors
Flip flops

1. Measure 6-8 inches of ribbon and cut the strips with your fabric scissors. Depending on the size of the flip flop, you may need 8-14 total strips of ribbon.

2. Tie the ribbon in a double knot around the strap.

3. Slip on and have fun!

Patriotic Headband DIY Craft
Easy to make patriotic headband!

Coordinate your festive flip flops by making a DIY craft headband using red, white and blue ribbon!

What you will need:

Plastic headband(s)
Fabric scissors

1. Measure 4-6 inches of ribbon and cut the strips with your fabric scissors. We used 10 pieces of ribbon for ours to cover the top of the headband, but feel free to use more!

2. Tie the ribbon in a single or double knot around the plastic headband.

Patriotic Wands DIY Craft

Represent the USA in style with these home made patriotic wands!

Kids will love waving these DIY craft parade wands while they are watching the parade!

What you will need:

12 inch dowel rods
Ribbon or patriotic tulle
Acrylic paint
Hot glue gun
Paint brush
Paper plate
Paper towel

1. Paint one side of your dowel rod with a color that coordinates with your ribbon/tulle. Place it on the paper towel to dry

2. While it’s drying, cut your ribbon to the desired lengths.

3. After the dowel rod is dry, paint the other side and let it dry.

4. Get creative! Tie the patriotic ribbons to the dowel rod. You could tie and wrap them around the dowel rod as well. You could also tie a piece of tulle to look like Uncle Sam’s bow tie! (note: if you tie the ribbons onto the dowel rod, add some hot glue underneath for added security)

5. Wave them during a parade or during fireworks!

Ride in style to the parade in the Step2 Whsiper Ride Cruiser!

Safety first! Parental supervision is needed with these DIY crafts. Please don’t allow little ones to handle the hot glue gun!

Be parade-ready in your Step2 <a href=

From our Step2 family to yours, we hope you have a safe, fun and wonderful July 4th!

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