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I Smile Because You're My Family

Written by Nicole as part of the We’re Kids Too series.

I feel very blessed to have the family that I do, my family is warm, caring, generous and thoughtful. It’s because of my family that I aspire to carry those same traits and pass on kindness to everyone I encounter. When I reflect on each individual in my family, I think about how much they mean to me and I’m so thankful to have them in my life. On Aunt’s and Uncle’s Day, I want to take the time to thank and cherish my two aunts and uncle.

My Uncle Gary is one of a kind. He is smart, witty, hardworking and selfless. He has gone out of his way to make sure his children are well taken care of and always feel loved. As an uncle, he has provided me with that same sense of love and security. Not growing up with a dad, I’ve always longed for that sense of connection with a man and I happen to have the bond with my uncle. He is like a dad to me and his support and encouragement throughout my life has made me feel complete.

My Aunt Ellen, who is married to my Uncle Gary is probably one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever come to know and love. Each time I come to Atlanta, where they live or they come to Cleveland, she comes bearing gifts. Her gifts are from the heart and are based on my interests, which shows that she pays close attention to detail. She is also the most fabulous cook and baker in our entire family. I love going to their house because she is the perfect hostess and really knows how to entertain and accommodate her guests.

My Aunt Vi, is one of the most authentic and genuine women that I know. She also one of the strongest women I’ve ever met and she is the definition of a loving mother and aunt. Aunt Vi radiates positivity and is always looking at the bright side of life even in times of despair. Each time I get together with her, I find myself having a deep conversation about life and family with her and she always provides me with the wisdom I’m searching for in these discussions. Just like my Aunt Ellen, Aunt Vi is also an amazing chef and baker, I hope I’m lucky enough someday to have the culinary skills these two incredible woman have.

When I think of my family, especially my uncle and aunts, I cannot help to smile because they have been nothing but wonderful to me throughout my life and I’m so grateful that I’m able to learn from these incredible individuals. Happy Aunt and Uncle’s Day to my Uncle Gary, Aunt Ellen and Aunt Vi – thank you all for being extraordinary!

About Nicole
bio-picture-nicole.fwNicole is a DIY advocate, amateur chef, fitness fanatic, wife and animal lover. She is the proud pet mom of two large cats and a dog. If Nicole isn’t cooking or crafting, she is out exploring new restaurants and attractions with her husband around Cleveland, the city that has taken her heart. Nicole is the Traffic & Conversion Manager at Step2.

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