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Spark Imagination during Summer Vacation


As we approach the end of summer, many families decide to have their last family outings/activities of the season. The choice on what to do and where to go can be difficult; but going somewhere where your little ones can use their imagination will make the experience more fun! According to, here are some adventure options that the whole family can enjoy while encouraging little minds to make believe:

  • Botanical Gardens: You may not have to travel far to experience the beauty and majesty of a botanical garden. Children can put on their pretend wings and travel around the garden as fairies. For added fun, bring some bubbles and explore the magic of the beautiful outdoors.
  • Tour a Castle: Whether you are on vacation or know of a neighborhood attraction nearby, take the family to a real-life castle! Your children can pretend to be kings, queens, princesses, and princes as they explore a large antiquated castle.
  • Boat Tour: Have your children dress up as pirates as you plan a trip to find sunken treasure. Before the trip, children can create a treasure map they can use as they can explore the old pirate ship.
  • Dinosaur Museum: Find a dinosaur museum while you are on vacation or close by your house. Children can learn about the history of dinosaurs while imaging that they have traveled back in time to the prehistoric era.
  • Zoo: Animal lovers will enjoy seeing all of the animals at the zoo! Encourage children to make the noises of each animal they encounter. Take a trip through the rainforest and act like a family of explorers!

Where will you go this summer to spark your children’s imaginations?

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