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4 Ways to Teach Kids About Gardening

Check out these tips on how to teach your kids about gardening!Gardening can be a fun family activity that offers plenty of exercise, communication and the opportunity for kids to learn about responsibility as they nourish and take care of what they’ve planted. Here are four ways your kiddos can learn about gardening:

  • Gather gardening materials: What are the materials you need for gardening? Gardening gloves, trowel, hand fork, pots, soil, shovel and a hose are a couple of materials you’ll need to get started. One tool that will make gardening a breeze is a garden hopper because smaller tools can be stored in it so you have easy access to tools while you take care of the yard or a place to sit while you’re gardening. Please note it’s critical that little ones do not touch any sharp or heavy tools during the gardening process.
  • Learn planting basics: Now that you and your youngsters have your gardening tools, it’s time to pull out any weeds from where you want to plant. It’s very important not to get hurt while kneeling or sitting in the grass and soil. In order to focus on proper gardening form and comfort, a kneeler will help you and your little ones to get cozy while you weed, trim and plant. A sturdy workbench/kneeler will allow you to keep gardening for a longer period of time because you’re not putting as much pressure on your knees.
  • When to plant: Depending on where you live, it may still be cold outside and not the ideal climate to plant in. However, has a helpful guide about what to plant during each month of the year. In April you can begin planting cucumbers, beets, onions and tomatoes!
  • Turn the waiting game into pretend play: It takes time for plants to grow so while your family waits to see green leaves sprout from the ground, little ones can pretend to harvest fruits and veggies with a play kitchen. Tots can pretend to cut up the vegetables and cook them on the stove. Your little green thumbs will be professional chefs by the time the fruits and vegetables are ready to be picked from your yard!NATIONAL-GARDEN-MONTH-GARDENING.fw

What family fun gardening activities will you and your kiddos participate in ? Happy gardening!

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