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Teaching Positive Thinking: Tips to Help Kids Think Positively


Parenting isn’t easy. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with an instruction manual and no two kids are exactly alike. One thing is for sure – each kid learns behaviors from their parents and their surroundings. Words and actions and very powerful tools and positive thinking is very important for children to learn from an early age!

Here are some tips to promote positive thinking for your child:

Approach fears with positivity. If a child is apprehensive about the first day of school, have them focus on good things that could happen like new friends, a fun teacher, or learning something new!

Help your child develop their best selves by taking an interest in their interests. Sharing an interest or hobby is a positive experience which strengthens the parent/child bond.

Encourage and praise. Even if your child didn’t win the race, let them know that you’re proud that they finished. Encourage them by telling them that success comes from hard work. Chances are, if you praise them, they will praise their siblings and friends in turn.

Teach appreciation. Here is a great article to help teach gratitude at any age!

Talk about a success of the day. Try asking about this at dinner each night. This will help kids focus on good experiences or how they helped someone. Asking each night will promote making wise choices the next day so they have something new to share at dinner time.

Execute a no complaining rule. How does this work? Tell the kids they can explain an issue only if they give possible solutions to it. This will help kids eliminate negativity and become creative problem solvers.

Ensure every child knows they can make a difference every day. It could be a small gesture like sharing crayons with a friend or a gesture as big as collecting donations for a charity. Knowing you are making a difference is a great way to promote positivity.

What do you do at home that promotes positive thinking?


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