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Tiny Superheroes


Inspiration to create and act for a great cause can come from anywhere; this Thoughtful Thursday we honor, Robyn Rosenberger whose inspiration was children fighting illnesses. One day Seattle mom, Robyn Rosenberger was making a superhero cape for her son when she came across the blog Blessed by Brenna, written by one of the Step2 Test Driver Bloggers Courtney Westlake. . Robyn was inspired and touched by Brenna’s struggles. Brenna was born with a rare and severe skin disease called Harlequin Ichthyosis. Brenna beat an aggressive blood infection and at only three weeks old had to undergo eye surgery.


When Robyn reached out to Courtney, she was thrilled and told Robyn how Brenna has “been a superhero ever since she was born.” This began the creation of TinySuperheroes. Within two months, Robyn helped empower more than one hundred children who are fighting severe illnesses.


Brenna, along with all of the TinySuperhoes, embodies the true definition of a superhero. There is a hero in all of us and these children prove to be the greatest heroes of all. May they always know how powerful they are!
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