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Flip Seat™

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Perfect for easy seating on the go from Step2! The ergonomic design allows you to sit comfortably at the side of the pool while dangling your legs in the water while having your back supported. The lip under the front of the seat helps keep your seat in place when you’re sitting at the edge of the pool dock or truck tailgate The uses for these seats are endless! Use to provide extra support when sitting on the floor or use at the beach to comfortably sit in the sand. These seats are also perfect for camping. The underside of the seat has molded detailing that allows the seat to be placed onto a five-gallon bucket creating a raised seat. When you’re done these seats are easy to transport and store. Simply fold in half to reveal the built in handle. The robust design with a solid through axle and stainless-steel lock nut makes the White Flip Seat durable for years to come. And with colors molded-in you’ll never have to worry about colors chipping fading cracking or peeling. The Flip Seat is not to be used as a floatation device. Made in the USA of US and some imported parts.

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What's Included
Flip Seat

Shipping Dimensions: Box #1: 22" H x 19.5" W x 7.5" D Weight: 9.25 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: 20.5" H x 19" W x 21.5" D

Portable Seating

A quick, easy-to-carry solution for a folding chair you can take anywhere

Versatile Design

Perfect for relaxing by the pool, at the beach, while camping, and more

Built-In Handle

The cutout handle makes it easy to move, carry, and load in and out of the car


The durable folding seat is lightweight and easy to carry with one hand

Molded-In Details

The underside features molded-in detailing that nests into the top of a 5 gal. bucket

Maintenance Free

Solid through axle and stainless steel lock nuts provide a secure, worry-free design

Weight Capacity

Portable seat has a 250 lbs. (113.4 kg) weight capacity

No Assembly Required

Simply unbox and flip open to enjoy portable seating anytime, anywhere