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Atherton Garbage Container™

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Atherton Garbage Container in Classic White is the perfect solution for managing your household waste while complementing your home's aesthetic.

With a large capacity accommodating 33-39 gallon trash bags the Atherton Garbage Container is perfect for households of any size and can be used inside or out. It is designed and manufactured in the USA with high-quality maintenance-free materials ensuring that it will withstand inclement weather like rain sleet snow and sun and look great for years to come.

This Classic White trash can is also incredibly easy to use with a removable lid that makes it simple to remove and replace garbage bags. The lid also helps to keep the garbage bag neatly in place and out of sight ensuring a clean and organized outdoor space. And with no assembly required this garbage container is ready to use right out of the box.

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What's Included
Garbage container and lid

Shipping Dimensions: Box #1: 20" H x 16" W x 31.5" D Weight: 16 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: 32.25" H x 20.375" W x 16.375" D

Wood-Like Look

Authentic wood-like textures and style without the maintenance of real wood

Large Capacity

Built to accommodate 33-39 gallon trash bags, perfect for any size household

Timeless Detailing

Features stylish recessed panels, crown and cove molding, and elegant baseboards

Easy Maintenance

Molded-in colors will never chip, fade, crack, rust, or need to be painted or stained

Hinged Top Cover

Can be easily opened to accept trash and closed to hide it away and discourage critters

Weather Resistant

Built to withstand inclement weather like rain, sleet, snow, and sun without losing style

For Inside or Out

Versatile design looks great inside and is durable enough to be used outdoors

No Assembly Required

This garbage container is easy to set up and ready to use straight out of the box