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Waterpark Arcade™ Parts (400299-REPG)

Component Pack Water Park Arcade (142769)

Item #164085A01Y - STEM PINWHEEL
Item #164086A01Y - PINWHEEL
Item #164087A01Y - DUCK
Item #164088A01Y - POST TOP
Item #164089A01Y - HANG FLAPPER
Item #164090A01Y - SPINNER
Item #164091A01Y - TARGET
Item #164092A01Y - TARGET HOLDER
Item #164093A01Y - SQUIRREL
Item #164126A01Y - BUCKET YOKE
Item #164081A01Y - HOLE FUNNEL
Item #164083A01Y - SPILL BUCKET
Item #164084A01Y - ARCH HOLDER


Hardware Pack Water Park Arcade (SU) (142917)

Item #181097 - SCREW #8 X 1 1/2 DRYWALL
Item #180718 - #8 X 3/4 DRYWALL SCREW ZINC


Water Gun Assembly (182563)

Water Gun Assembly


Cup Pack (142794)




⚠ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Sharp points. Adult assembly required.

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