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Alternatives to Discontinued Camper and Swing for Two

Step2 toys have a reputation for lasting many years. Since our toys last for so long, many times customers will see toys that their friends, neighbors, and family members own that were available for purchase in the early 2000’s. But, unfortunately, these products that have caught their attention are no longer available for purchase.

Many customers have asked about the Camper Fun Playhouse and Caterpillar Swing for Two. Unfortunately, these two products are among the discontinued. Although these adorable products are no longer available for purchase, we have products that are similar in function and size.

camper fun playhouse
caterpillar swing for two

Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse: This giant playhouse is even bigger than the Camper Fun Playhouse, which means more children can play in the playhouse together. In the old camper, children would use pretend play to imagine that they were going on a camping trip. In the Welcome Home Playhouse children can pretend to not only to play house but they can imagine they own a drive thru restaurant and use the windows to take food orders and use one of the other windows to deliver food.

welcome home playhouse

Infant to Toddler Swing: The Caterpillar Swing for Two held two children; however, by attaching two Infant to Toddler Swings next to each other on a swing set, toddlers will still be able to swing next to one another while being able to enjoy a comfortable swing all to themselves.

Which products have you purchased as an alternative to the Camper Fun Playhouse and Caterpillar Swing for Two? What do you think has been our best swing set for toddlers?

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