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Key Benefits of Ride-On Toys

This post about the key benefits of ride-on toys was written by Selina of My Kid Needs That!

Every year, Step2 continues to redefine the design and manufacture of ride-on toys to make them even safer, more stable, and more beneficial for today’s kids. For Step2, nothing is better than seeing young children having their lives transformed for the better by the toys and playthings that they manufacture.

Ride-on toys are one of the most sought after types of toys year in and year out. These are toys that can help children in their physical, mental, cognitive, emotional, and social development making them better rounded individuals when they grow up. In this post, I am sharing with you the key benefits of ride on toys for kids so you will have a clear understanding of why such toys are considered a must by many child care experts.

Key Benefits of Ride-On Toys

4 Key Benefits of Ride-On Toys

1. Enhance the Development of Motor Skills

Most of us look at ride-on toys as miniature versions of the vehicles we drive. There are many types of automobiles, there are also several types of ride-on play sets including pedal powered or foot-to-floor car types. Many child develop-mentalists recommend getting pedal powered ride on toys as these can help in the development of children’s motor skills.

This beautiful hot rod coupe with its fantastic and stylish sports car design actually has a removable floor board which allows your kids to propel the Turbo Coupe with his or her own two feet. This helps develop the large muscle groups of his or her legs and controlling the realistic steering wheel helps train the muscles of the arms and hands. The 360-degree turning castor wheels provide exceptional turning radius which essentially reduces the work of the muscles of the arms. It also comes with easy-rotating wheels for added ease of pedaling. This type of ride-on toy is more effective than electronic versions in terms of enhancing the development of the gross and fine motor skills of children.

2. Facilitate the Development of Balance and Coordination

Two- and three-wheeled ride-on toys are excellent when it comes training kids to balance their bodies as well as observe coordination of their various bodily movements. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and even tricycles all require some degree of balancing from children. This calls for a splendid understanding of spatial relations and kinesthetic senses.

For example, Step2’s Motorcycle is a MotoGP inspired bike which young kids must propel forward using their feet. This requires them to maintain a certain sense of balance as well as a steady coordination of their legs, their hands, and what their eyes see. Aiding children in establishing balance and coordination is the Motorcycle’s easy grip handle as well as its relatively low ground clearance enabling your kid to prop his or her legs easily if ever he or she feels tipping over. The authentic MotoGP look of the Step2 ride-on toy should be enough motivation for your child to try and achieve balance while pushing it through its imaginary racetrack.

Step2 Blog Benefits of Ride on Toys

3. Encourage Exploration

Young children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, are naturally curious. This is the first time that they are actually free from the confines of their cribs and infant carriers. They are now able to learn more about the flowers and plants that they see from their bedroom windows. They are now cognizant of the need to explore the world outside their playpen or cribs. In other words, this is now the time of exploration. And when it comes to such activities, ride-on toys provide the perfect means for young kids to explore their surroundings.

They can ride the Whisper Ride Cruiser from Step2, for example. This beautiful and super sleek ride on toy is just perfect for letting young kids stroll around your neighborhood. It comes as a super stylish European supercar complete with interactive features and lifelike decals. These features alone can already be a great source of kids’ exploration. The Whisper Ride Cruiser is an exceptional kiddie vehicle for exploring the various parts of one’s neighborhood, thanks to its spacious storage under the seat to stow as assortment of kids gadgets. There are even cup holders so your kid can easily replenish his or her body fluids after a long day of exploration.

Step2 Blog Benefits of Ride on Toys

4. Enhance Role Playing Activities

One of the most important benefits of ride on toys is their ability to enhance the role playing activities of children. As we all know, role playing activities can greatly enhance the cognitive abilities of children. It gives them the opportunity to work out their problem solving skills, their analytical skills, and their understanding of complex cause and effect relationships and their effects on certain situations.

Step2 Blog Benefits of Ride on Toys

Consider the Hot Wheels Push Around Racer. For many, it may look nothing more than a toy that you push around, hence, the name. However, in the eyes of a child, this is actually a great tool for playing the role of a world-class racer. This belief is supported by the Hot Wheels realistic air intake, hot rod buggy styling, and even awesome looking headlights. The ultra-large and wide tires also help portray an image of stability at high speeds. The steering wheel can be easily manipulated while the horn out real sound. With all these features of the Hot Wheels Push Around Racer, children will have all the chance to actively play the role of a famous racer. Even their friends will be playing along, taking on the role of the pit crew and even race engineers. This can also help facilitate cooperative play among children. In short, ride on toys can help children exercise their cognitive abilities through role playing.

You can view more information and detailed reviews of a number of popular Step2 products by visiting My Kid Needs That!

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