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Top Play Kitchens with Tons of Storage Space

Toy Storage Matters – Step2 Play Kitchen Playsets with Storage Built In

“Toy storage” are two magic words for a lot of folks with kids in the house, right? When it comes to play kitchens, we’ve got the storage space covered! Read on for what to look for in a play kitchen playset and some of our top options that include built-in storage for accessories and toys.

Built-in storage in their play kitchen area makes clean-up fun for little ones! When everything has a place, it’ll become a habit to put things back where they belong when playtime fun is done. Make clean-up time a game and share responsibilities. Pretend to wash the dishes in the sink while your toddler finds where they go and neatly puts them away. Simple cleaning tasks like this will also show an example of teamwork and get some motor skill development practice in as well!

Kitchen Playset Toy Storage: What to Look For

Built-in Cabinets

A lot of Step2 play kitchens include cabinet space as part of their realistic look and functionality. Whether it’s one or a few, cabinets are a great indicator of some extra space your toddler can use for kitchen accessories or any other toys they’re bringing into the kitchen during playtime. When considering a play kitchen for your child, take a close look at any imagery available to see if the cabinets are decals or have actual working doors!

Pantry Shelving and Bins

Just like cabinets, Step2 kitchen playsets often include molded-in shelf space with grooves for holding plates upright like a dish rack or room for pull-out pantry bins. Pantry bins are an easy way to clean up – just toss accessories inside and tuck away on the shelf. Even if the bins aren’t organized a particular way, they’re just hidden enough to still look tidy from the outside! Dish racks are also a perfect functional addition to play kitchens, keeping plates and bowls out on display in an organized way.

Realistic Appliances

Oven, fridge, and microwave during playtime – extra storage at the end of the day! The realistic appliances included in Step2 play kitchens are spacious enough to store accessories when playtime fun is done. Plus, the doors hide everything inside so if the items aren’t organized, no problem.

Hanging Hooks

Another double-duty storage space, hanging hooks in Step2 play kitchen sets are functional and stylish. Each hook holds our serving utensils that are included with the kitchen playset’s accessory pack for a realistic touch and convenient storage option. For some play kitchens with faux copper or silver, like the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen™, the serving utensils hanging in their place instantly become a visually appealing addition to any play space!

Top Step2 Kitchen Playsets with Built-In Storage

Lifestyle Custom Kitchen™

Multiple appliances and cabinets in addition to the pull-out bin and dish rack make this one an excellent option for those looking for tons of storage space! Shop the Lifestyle Custom Kitchen™ here (it’s also available in other color combinations!).

Grand Walk-In Kitchen™ Gray

A larger play kitchen, this one mimics the capacity of a real kitchen closer than a lot of others in the Step2 selection. There are upper and lower cabinets, pull-out pantry bins, and more space for accessory storage! Shop the Grand Walk In Kitchen™ in Gray here – it’s also available in our classic color scheme.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen™

The modern design of this play kitchen includes realistic wood-grain shelving, faux copper hanging utensil rack, and cabinets to keep accessories tidy. Shop the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen™ here!

Grand Luxe Kitchen™

Oversized appliances in the Grand Luxe Kitchen™ provide tons of storage space, along with other realistic features like cabinets, pull-out bins, and shelving. Shop this play kitchen here on Step2.com now!

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