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Why Play Kitchens are an Excellent Choice for Multi-Child Households

Step2 play kitchens are known for being fun, engaging toys, and as a great hand-me-down for siblings in multi-child households. Plus, for families with little ones in a closer age range, a lot of our play kitchens offer parallel playtime opportunities to get siblings playing, imagining, and interacting with each other! Read on to learn a little bit more about why our play kitchen playsets are a hit in multi-child households.

They Teach Social Skills

Step2 kitchen playsets are a child-favorite pretend play toy. This style of open-ended play gets kids engaged in storytelling as they act out new scenarios and communicate what imaginary things are going on. Between siblings in the house, language and social skills are practiced during kitchen playset play, because communicating with the other person keeps the story going and the playtime fun alive! How fun is it to watch your kids play together, building off of one another to continue the pretend story they’re acting out? With a Step2 pretend kitchen playset, the creativity keeps flowing the more kids play and interact during playtime!

They are Easy to Clean

Our play kitchen sets see a lot of little hands over time, especially in households with multiple kids who love to play pretend! That’s why we’ve taken care to make sure each set is easy to keep clean. Simply use disinfectant wipes or household cleaners whenever you want. No worries about fading colors or holding germs; just fresh, sanitary play with regular cleaning.

Their Play Patterns Mimic Adult Role Models

Younger kids love to act out what they see their adult role models doing – including cooking and keeping their kitchens tidy. Cooking and cleaning continuously stand out as two popular play patterns little ones engage in during pretend play, so it’s safe to say their own play kitchen will get lots of love. When it comes to our play kitchens, molded-in features and kid-sized appliances make it easy for little ones to stay busy caring for their own kitchen. Plus, a variety of our play kitchen sets feature realistic electronic lights and sounds, activated when a special boiling pot and frying pan are set on the stovetop. Before you know it, your kids will volunteer to make family dinner and work together to cook up something great!

They are Durable

Our play kitchens are tough – really tough. That’s why they carry the Step2 “Made EverTough™” statement! Step2 kitchen playsets for toddlers feature unmatched strength and durability, making them great for playtime peace of mind. They often become a family’s most beloved hand-me-down because they’re uniquely indestructible. Here’s why:

  • STRONG: Seamless double-wall construction.
  • KID-FRIENDLY: No splinters, no BPA, no Phthalates, and zero VOC.
  • DURABLE: Outlasts the toughest, most active and interactive play for years.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Easy to clean, no chipping, rich color embedded throughout.

They Offer Solo & Parallel Playtime Opportunities

Cook, scramble, and bake! Our play kitchen playsets include different stations, just like a real kitchen. Siblings can take turns cooking at the stove or prepping ingredients on the counter. They can stand by the oven to be ready for fresh-baked treats, while their brothers and sisters can get place settings ready at the table and plate dishes when it’s time to serve. With so many ways to play, siblings can flex their social skills to cooperate as they make the dinner party a success, claiming their stations to work together.

Any station also works great as a solo play opportunity, giving little ones the chance to explore their kitchen space on their own and play at their own pace whether siblings are joining the fun or not. We deliver lots of flexibility with each Step2 play kitchen set design, something lots of families seek with multiple kids to consider!

Some of our best play kitchens parallel playtime with siblings include:

Elegant Edge Kitchen™

Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill™

Classic Chic Kitchen™

(An Amazon exclusive!)

Girl and boy playing in kitchen

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