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Why Step2 Toys for Outdoor Playtime?

Why Step2 Toys for Outdoor Playtime?

Our outdoor toys, from swing sets to climbers and playhouses, feature superb durability with lasting quality. Read on to learn more about why moms choose these backyard essentials year after year.

Thick, Double-Wall Construction

Made EverTough™, our outdoor toys for toddlers are known to stand up to thousands of playtime hours. They’re uniquely indestructible, and here’s why:

  • STRONG: Seamless double-wall construction.
  • KID FRIENDLY: No splinters, no BPA, no Phthalates, and zero VOC.
  • DURABLE: Fade, weather and temperature resistant.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Easy to clean, no chipping, color embedded throughout.

Kid-Inspired Engineering

We look at the way children play, both how they are supposed to play – and how they actually play. We consider everything from tipping, to foot paths, to play-together scenarios and more. We design our products to keep kids safe, entertained and inspired. We’re experts at play, and only create the best possible kids products.

Difference-Making Details

From rounded corners and smooth surfaces, easy-to-clean materials and handles designed for little fingers, we know that the smallest details are important. We spend thousands of hours on every product and our teams review every little detail again and again.

The Perfect Size for Everyone – Especially your Child!

How high should a swing be from the ground? How close should the steps on a ladder be? What is the right clearance so little heads don’t get bumps and boo boos? When we design a toy for a particular age, we use decades of research and experience. We want your child to enjoy our products from the moment you get them, to the day you pass them along to the next lucky family. Our designers know how little ones move, and how little minds work – few other toy companies can match our experience in the space.

Made to Assemble for Real People Like You

Some people are super handy with tools – others, well, not really. We get it, because we are Moms and Dads, just like you! We balance giving each and every product incredible features with an assembly time guideline and assembly instructions that make sense.

US-Based Customer Service from Toy Experts

We’ve been helping families enjoy their products for years, with our call center right here in Ohio. Have an assembly question? Give us a call. Want to know how to clean your product? Happy to help! Need parts for a Step2 product that you’re inheriting from another family? You can call, chat or email. Use our customer service team, and you’ll be amazed by our willingness to help.

Choose the Look

Curate your backyard play space to include the colors and styles you want to see! Our swing sets, climbers, and playhouses range from neutral color palettes to bright and vibrant themes as well.

Play Tip: Keeping it neutral? Our Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center features a neutral color palette to fit in with natural colors and textures found in backyard spaces.

Outdoor Playtime

Getting outside to play is a must for every child! They’ll spend hours running, climbing, swinging, and more with friends with our pretend play toys at the heart of their backyard play space from Spring all the way through Summertime. Outdoor playtime is also a great way for kids to practice social skills with siblings and neighborhood kids over for a playdate. If you’re up for it, being the backyard where all the kids want to play is pretty cool!

What Moms are Saying About…

Step2 Swing Sets:

Love It!

Our 3 year old is in love with this in his backyard! We have a 3 year old and 6 months old twins- I’m sure we will get many years of use from this. I spend a lot of them researching which option to select as our yard is very small. This fits perfectly! Very happy! – ChiTownMom3, as seen on the Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center

After Two Years, Still Going Strong!

Looks great and has not faded after two years. The boys love going outside all the time, and the new of this set still has not worn off. If you wonder about how well this swingset holds up, or if your children will get bored, you should have no concern. – CayelaC, as seen on the Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber

Step2 Climbers:

A Snap to Put Together

This product was very easy to assemble. Went together in about 90 minutes. Put it together on Christmas afternoon while my son napped. When he finally saw it after waking up, he could not contain himself. – Anonymous, as seen on the Clubhouse Climber

Great Climber for Imaginative Play

We purchased this a few years ago for our daughter. I love the attractive design of the climber. The design was one of the first things that drew me to this toy. The product was already assembled when we purchased it. While this climber may not have many bells and whistles, it is excellent to foster kids’ imaginations. Now that we have four kids, my daughter enjoys it more than she ever has. The kids play princess and knight on it, as well as pirate ship. The slide is a good introductory slide for toddlers, and there is an area on the side for kids to climb up the wall. The climber has been out in the North Carolina sun for over three years and still looks great! – Anonymous, as seen on the Naturally Playful Woodland Climber II

Step2 Playhouses:

We Love this Playhouse!

This playhouse is such a great playhouse. We looked for one that would be large enough to grow with our children, who are 3 and 1. This was by far the largest playhouse we found. My 3 year old daughter loves this playhouse and invites me in to eat with her. It’s large enough that I can actually come inside with her. – Mommy to Gracie and Josh, as seen on the Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse

Love Love Love

I have a 3 year old and a 14 month old and they both love this! I have never reviewed anything online before but I love this playhouse so much I had to! I researched a lot and thought this one fit what I had in mind. And it has exceeded expectations. It’s large and has everything my kids imaginations can think of. With the sink, grill, stove and fireplace and bench. It’s perfect for playing house or restaurant. Or having a picnic! If you have young creative kids, this is a summertime outdoor must! – Young Momma of Boy and Girl, as seen on the Gather and Grille Playhouse

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