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5 Fall Birthday Party Activities for Kids

Fall is one of the most exciting times for kids and an excellent time to plan a fall-themed birthday party (even if the weather is still warm where you live!). Whether your child’s birthday falls in September or October, the crisp weather and bright colors can serve as the perfect setting for your child’s fall birthday party.

You don’t need a huge budget to celebrate your youngster’s birthday in style during the fall. Instead of shelling out for an expensive indoor location, consider having the party at your home and making fall memories your child will never forget.

Here are five fall birthday party activities your kids will love –

1. Pretty Pumpkins

fall birthday party activities pumpkin decorating

You don’t need the hassle of scooping out pumpkins to create a cool pumpkin. Set up an art station where kids can use paints, stencils, push pins, glue, and glitter to turn their pumpkins from blah to bedazzled. If weather permits, set up the kids outside around a picnic table covered with a disposable tablecloth and let their imagination and creativity run wild. Round out the pumpkin theme with pumpkin-based treats and drinks.

2. To The Races

fall birthday party activities running

If you want to keep kids entertained and your home clean, set up a sports-themed birthday party. With the cooler temperatures, you can set up fun games like soccer, running races, sack races, climbing competitions, and other competitive games. Toss in some trophies, prizes, and treats, and your little ones will have a ball playing ball!

3. Nature’s Scavengers

fall birthday party activities scavenger hunt

If you stop to notice all the cool things in your backyard, you might be amazed at the variety of leaves, nuts, and acorns. Give each child a bag and a list of scavenger items to collect and let them play detective. Party-goers will have a great time running around the outdoors looking for items. Hide some prizes around your yard to keep them motivated in their search! Once they’ve collected their list, let them turn their treasure into eye-catching crafts.

4. Crazy Costumes

fall birthday party activities costumes

Who needs to wait for Halloween to dress up? Kids love costumes, so let them get dressed up for your child’s birthday. If it is close to Halloween, the other parents will love that purchased costumes will have dual use, and the kids will love being their favorite character with all of their friends. To keep the Halloween theme going, give the guests party favor bags packed with tasty treats.

5. Sleepaway Camp

fall birthday party activities camping

What is more fun than camping? For kids, just about nothing. If your kids want a sleepover birthday party, tire out your guests with camp games like ghost in the graveyard and freeze tag. Afterwards, set up your indoor campground with a fake campfire, some songs, and s’mores. The grand finale? Settle them all in with a tent that you set up inside or out in your backyard.

Fall is one of the best times to plan an awesome birthday party for your little one. Let them get creative outdoors with these fall birthday party activities – it will be a birthday to remember. Step2 has all the gear you need to make your child’s birthday spectacular.

Fall Birthday Party Activities for Kids

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