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How To Spend More Time As A Family - Without The Screens

spending time as a family playing soccer

Can you remember a time when there was no such thing as a smartphone or even Nintendo? Over the past several decades, technology has become not only convenient, but also a staple in our lives. As much as technology can save us time, it can also be a huge time waster and take away precious moments spent as a family.

To reduce the adverse side effects of your child is getting from staring at a screen, you could take it away from them or limit their screen time. However, to encourage a long-term reduction of screen time, find some activities that make your child (and you) want to spend more time away from mindless apps or YouTube videos.

Here are five fun, easy ways that you can spend more time as a family without screens:

Board games

family activity playing board games

There was a time when board games felt more like bored games. However, in the past few years, there have been thousands of games released that are anything but boring. Forget the hours spent staring at a Monopoly board – try out some fresh family board games. Engaging the entire family on different levels, you will have a family bonding experience spurred by the thrill of competition.

Healthy competition

family activity kid playing field hockey

Nothing is more exciting and engaging than some friendly competition. Instead of sitting on your mobile devices, hit the outdoors to play some basketball, tetherball, or some classic field hockey. A friendly sports game is the best way to encourage outdoor fitness and to have some laughs along the way.

Arts and crafts

fmaily activity mom and son painting

Kids love to get messy – it is just a fact of life. Embrace the mess with family craft time. Try scrapbooking family memories, tackling a fun summer craft, or painting together with the Step2 Easel for Two. Not only will you build memories for a lifetime, but you can also make some cool things to decorate your living spaces. Get your kids to help out with the post-craft cleaning with some exciting cleaning games.

Go for a walk

family activity going for a walk

Going for a stroll around the neighborhood is completely underrated. It not only gets everyone away from their screens, but it also fosters fitness and gets the whole family outside in the fresh air. If you have more than one child, sometimes a stroller can be no fun. The Step2 Choo-Choo Train is the perfect way to peruse the neighborhood with everyone in tow.

Pretend Play Timefamily activity kid with play kitchen

As much as you might find errands like cooking or grocery shopping mundane, your kids think that some chores are grown up and exciting. Put your devices away, and take a pretend trip to the grocery store or let them “cook” dinner with a Step2 kitchen set. Pretend play is one of the best ways to encourage your little one’s imagination and teamwork.

It might seem like getting your kids to put their screens away is difficult, but the right activities will help your kids forget about their iPad or smartphone altogether. Family time is precious – make the most of it with outdoor activities, friendly competition, and pretend play away from the screens. For more ideas on how to make screen-free family time fun, check out Step2’s pretend play and outdoor toys.

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