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Meet Step2’s 2016 Summer Interns

At Step2, our mission is to bring family together, which includes treating our employees as family as well. Our interns become a part of the Step2 family as soon as they walk through the door on their first day. This summer, three new interns have been welcomed into this family to watch, learn and contribute based upon their unique skill sets. Now, we are excited to introduce you to our Step2 summer interns…

Learn more about the Corvette ZO6 Twin to Toddler Bed mentioned by David here.

Learn more about the Hot Wheels Extreme Coaster mentioned by Nick here.

Learn more about the Waterfall Discovery Wall mentioned by Tatiana here.

Our interns aren’t your average interns. They are successful students with drive and passion for what they do. With a strong supporting cast, we’re eager to see what these three individuals will accomplish as the stage is set for a memorable summer here at Step2!

What are your best memories as an intern?

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