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Why Step2 Pretend Play Kitchens for Indoor Playtime?

As the weather begins to transition from hot summer temperatures to cool fall temps and even colder winters in some areas, a kids’ play kitchen addition ensures your child will never be bored during their indoor playtime!

Packed with many ways to play for one or more toddlers, Step2 play kitchens are a staple in so many playroom areas across the country for a lot of reasons. Read on for some feature highlights our play kitchen playsets share that make them a toddler playtime favorite!

Made EverTough™

Our play kitchens are tough – really tough. That’s why they carry the Step2 “Made EverTough™” statement! Step2 kitchen playsets for toddlers feature unmatched strength and durability, making them great for playtime peace of mind and easy upkeep. They often become a family’s most beloved hand-me-down because they’re uniquely indestructible. Here’s why:

  • STRONG: Seamless double-wall construction.
  • KID-FRIENDLY: No splinters, no BPA, no Phthalates, and zero VOC.
  • DURABLE: Outlasts the toughest, most active and interactive play for years.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Easy to clean, no chipping, rich color embedded throughout.

Easy to Clean

From playtime with siblings to playdates with friends, our play kitchen sets see a lot of little hands over time. That’s why we’ve taken care to make sure each set is easy to keep clean. Simply use disinfectant wipes or household cleaners whenever you want! No worries about fading colors or holding germs; just clean, sanitary play with regular cleaning.

Kid-Friendly Functionality

It’s no surprise kids love to mimic their adult role models in everything from cleaning, cooking, and other household chores. When it comes to our play kitchens, molded-in features and kid-sized appliances make it easy for little ones to stay busy caring for their own kitchen. Working cabinet doors, “pantry”-style bins, and other neat features on a variety of Step2 play kitchen sets let toddlers enjoy meal prep, clean-up, and so much more with friends and family!

Built-In Storage Space

After running errands (including grocery shopping), little ones love coming home to their own play kitchen and putting everything away like they’ve seen their adult role models do so many times before. Many Step2 play kitchens include a variety of built-in storage space options, from “pantry”-style pull-out bins to dish racks, oversized appliances, and more, making accessory storage easy and fast for you and your kiddos.

Electronic Features

Our electronic features really create a wow factor and enhance the pretend play experience on a variety of play kitchens. A standard electronic feature in lots of play kitchen sets are the bubbling and sizzling sounds that activate when the special boiling pot is placed on the stovetop, activating not only the sounds, but fun lights too! Some Step2 pretend play kitchens take pretend play one step further, even including special attachments such as a blender and popcorn maker that activate when placed on the stovetop burner. With such realistic features, it’s no wonder little chefs enjoy whipping up pretend meals day after day during indoor playtime!

Kid-Approved Play Kitchen Favorites

From storage and electronic features to accessory sets and more exciting extras, we’ve got the Step2 play kitchen set both you and your child will love! Check out our curated list of some best-selling kid-favorite pretend play kitchen sets to help you choose which play kitchen to add to your child’s indoor play area this year.

Fun with Friends Kitchen™ – Tan

Why we love it…

Single-Serve Coffee Maker: Use the three included pretend drink pods to brew up your favorite cup of coffee or yummy hot chocolate!

Electronic Stovetop: This kids’ play kitchen features an electronic stovetop burner with working lights and realistic sounds!

Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill™

Why we love it…

Multiple Play Stations: This large pretend play kitchen set includes a dining area, sink, stovetop, and grilling station to encourage fun social play for multiple kids.

103-Piece Accessory Pack: Everything little ones need to get started in their very own kitchen is included with the 103-piece accessory set! From play food to dishes, cookware, and more… we’ve got you covered right out of the box.

Elegant Edge Kitchen™

Why we love it…

Fun Attachments: Make pretend smoothies and popcorn with the special blender and popcorn maker stovetop attachments! Activate the fun poppers by pressing the attachments onto the designated stovetop burner.

Upscale Design: Deluxe detailing includes the faux subway tile backsplash, large faux granite countertop, stonework detail, frost effect on the cabinet windows, “slate-style” appliances, and molded-in farmhouse-style apron sink with gooseneck faucet.

This play kitchen for toddlers is also available as a combo! Check out the Shop and Cook Kitchen Playset here.

Lifestyle Dream Kitchen™

Why we love it…

Encourages Social Play: The open design and exciting features encourage kids to play together, enhancing their social skills and practicing sharing, storytelling, and so many more valuable skills as they play.

Realistic Appliances: The “stainless steel” refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, and oven included with this set look just like real appliances! The refrigerator even has a molded-in pretend water and ice dispenser.

Plus, this pretend play kitchen is also available in a combo. The Dream Kitchen with Extra Play Food Set is a great choice for those looking for a full play kitchen set with extra accessories!

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect play kitchen, what are some features you’re looking for? And if you already have one in your indoor play space, what do you and your kids enjoy most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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