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Technology Brings Us Closer

Written by Sharon

How lucky are we as moms and grandmas to be living in this amazing age of technology? We can tweet, facebook, email, or, my favorite, Skype. With children fleeing the nest, and often times moving out of state, we can now stay connected with technology literally at our fingertips.

Since my one and only grandchild lives nearly 2500 miles away, the anticipation and excitement awaiting our weekly Skype appointment gives me much to look forward to. We have been Skyping since she was just a couple of months old (with the accompaniment of her dad, my son, of course). I get to see her grow and witness all the changes from infant to toddler (to include diaper changes, as she gets excited when we Skype). We’ve even enjoyed many virtual games of Pat-a- Cake and Hide and Seek.

On top of that, it’s been great for her to recognize her grandma’s face and voice, although two-dimensional, with us being so far apart. Of course I can’t help but wonder how her little brain perceives seeing a flat grandma on a screen and then seeing three-dimensional grandma in person. I’m guessing she will figure that out as she gets older.

Her parents have chosen not to expose her to television until she’s about three so I guess you could say I’m her cartoons, Sesame Street and Teletubbies all rolled into one. I do try my best to be entertaining.

To say that I’m grateful to be living in an age of today’s technology that keeps my granddaughter and I close would be an understatement. With that said – gotta run – Monday is Skype night!

About Sharon

Sharon became a first time grandma in February of 2011 and had the pleasure of celebrating her granddaughter’s first birthday in San Francisco where she lives with her oldest son and his wife. Sharon welcomes the opportunity to spoil her granddaughter after having raised two boys. Sharon is an avid lover of the arts and has dabbled with oil painting and enjoys interior decorating as a hobby. She is the Customer Service Manager for Step2.

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