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Written by Sara S.

My husband has been working nights for the past few weeks. It took a bit of time for the kids and I to get used to it. Meanwhile, they began sneaking into my bed during the night… knowing that I have been too tired to kick them out.

Ryan started coming into my bed in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t notice it or I would be too tired to send him back to his own room. For goodness sake, there is plenty of room in the king bed for me and a five year old. But that’s where I was wrong.

Somehow Grizz started coming in too. I thought it was Ryan because Brady never would get out of his bed at night without calling out – “Mommy where are you?” Mommy where are you?” I am pretty sure that meant – “Mommy come get me or Mommy come here.” Grizz has a phobia that adds disruption to sleep. He won’t put his feet under the covers because he is convinced there might be spiders lurking under there waiting to bite his feet; so the safest place for his feet is on top of the covers.

The bedtime visits have escalated and now I have two bed bugs. One comes in around 1am and the other one stumbles in sometime later. I woke up the other morning to Brady sleeping with his feet in Ryan’s face. Both fast asleep.

bed bugs

I think it’s time for them to share a room. At least then they can crawl into bed with each other.

I remember crawling into bed with my parents. It was the safest and happiest feeling. If they said “no,” and sent me back to my room I remember feeling so sad and scared. Those memories make it harder for me to be stern with my own kids and send them marching back into their own cold and dark rooms.

I will be strong when Chris is done working nights and we can enforce the kids sleeping in their own beds!

Any ideas?
Sara is an on the go – down to earth Momma, married to a Marine and the mother of two get dirty wild and crazy, play in the mud boys. She loves Michael Jackson, dancing and spending time with her family. She is honored to be able to teach her little guys about the world around them, about kindness love and the human spirit. For fun, she loves to make jewelry, shop, ski and spend time outdoors getting dirty with her boys. Sara is a Sr. Product Manager at Step2.

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